Will It Be Over Easily??

As we all know after about a 500 million years our sun will explode and will certainly turn into a black hole which will eat us up and finish this life cycle ?
But according to my research which I have done to prove my theory it will not end up after the blast of the sun as when all the stars will eat up their planets and their systems it will again cause a fight between nothingness and the light of urge none of us I think want to die like a chewing gum stretching and keep on stretching inside the black hole made by our sun. Yes, "No" that’s not the end we will come across some more adventures in the other Galaxy Yes other Galaxy because all black hole lead to a white hole (not a pronoun of wormhole ,white hole and wormhole are tottaly different) as for now according to my theory the sun is using its 4% of energy to make a white hole for himself as well as for the other planets which are in its system.
You will be surprised to listen that the planets in this system are also spending some part of their energy to enpower this process greatly you need not to take tension that it will be taken from your house you need not to pay the bill for it as this process is continuing for years and will continue for years till the sun does not burst’s.
You will be wondering that from where does this energy comes from this energy comes from the rotational energy of the earth you know that earth is having a very huge mass and it requires a lot of energy to move this planet. And some part of it is delivered to the sun to make our safe zone or the white hole

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