Bill Cosby has been Trash

Bill Cosby was trash way before we knew about his violent sexual crimes against women. He should have been cancelled years ago when he got his garbage ass on tv and preached respectability politics. Somehow he was able to tell the black community how to behave but he couldn’t find a motivational speech for himself about respectable behavior. His behavior is abusive, traumatizing and shameful so Mr. Respectabilty shouldn’t be respected by anyone. Unfortunately, that is not the case. People still respect him because they don’t know how to separate a character from reality. His “legacy’ as the patriarch of a black “respectable” family is more important to some people than the character he plays in real life. In my eyes, his legacy is his sexual assaults because these women had their lives changed forever and this one incident will have a lasting effect on their lives. This should apply to Bill too. His actions caused life altering events so they should be his legacy. It’s unfair to his victims to overlook his crimes just because of his status. His status is what enabled him to commit these crimes, get away with it for so many years and what helped him escape punishment for his crimes.

Bill Cosby is proof that respectability politics are garbage. People already have a preconceived idea about who they think you are and how they plan to treat you. It’s pointless to perform and exert extra energy trying to appease someone who already has their mind set on disliking you, and in some cases mistreating you. He is the exact opposite of respectable but people hold on to this image of him harder than white people hold on to racism. I have a secret for you. You can like his character while hating the living, breathing monster that is Bill Cosby in real life. The same people defending Bill Cosby are the same people he doesn’t respect because their clothes aren’t fitted enough, their names aren’t European enough and they don’t know how to code switch and speak the language forced upon us by whites. Bill Cosby doesn’t care about the struggles of black people so I don’t know why black people haven’t thrown him away. Let the white people he aspire to be like have him because we don’t need garbage like that speaking for us. Bill Cosby is anti-black and only cares about certain types of black people. Don’t criticize the actions of black people who have had to assimilate to survive while ignoring the actions of white people who put us in these conditions. No Boundaries Cosby (NBC) can kick rocks.