Are you Awake?

Or are you sleep walking through life…?

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Not the kind of awake that comes before the sun comes up at 5 a.m. Not the kind of awake after drinking a cup of black coffee. Not the kind of awake that comes with every living day and every waking moment.

I’m asking you: Are you Awake? Or are you simply sleep walking through life?

I want to share my Letter from the Editor from my current issue of yoU Mag. I talk about being purpose driven. For years I was driven by my purpose being a journalist but somewhere along the way — somehow I lost my WHY.

Why was I a News Reporter? Why was I an Anchor? I knew my reasons and my why when I entered the industry: I had a passion for story telling; I wanted to have an impact and leave my mark on the world.

But over time, it was like I had become a robot, lost in the daily motions of my corporate job. I was, at times …what felt like, sleep walking through my daily duties. Sometimes I would finish anchoring a newscast and not remember how I even got through it. I was just reading -often times it’s because I was so overly stressed about my impending deadline for the evening news — or worried about my upcoming political Q&A in my newscast. I didn’t have time to process why I was reporting the stories I was. I had lost all creative control and simply put: I was just working a job.

No, no, no. Being a journalist is more than just a job. It’s a way of life! It’s a massive responsibility because we are responsible partly for shaping public opinion.

It wasn’t until I began my path of personal development that I was jolted AWAKE.

Now awake, I got back to my WHY. My purpose! I realized my soul could no longer bare sleep walking through life. When I woke up, my brain began to fire on all cylinders and once again — I was reconnecting with what I wanted: my dreams, hopes and desires!

How could I forget!? I had forgotten…

It’s where the idea for yoU Mag was born. A search for inspiration, the hope to FEEL again. To feel the way I felt when I was a little girl — full of imagination.

When I “woke up” I had to face all those scary questions. Was I happy? What would I do next? Can I do it? Do I believe in myself enough?

Somewhere along the way, YOU have forgotten to dream — those desires are heavily masked by the adult responsibilities we all have.

But WHAT IF? What if your fears about failure are wrong?

I want to end by asking you, What are some of the day dreams? And why have you put them on the back burner?

If you’d like to read my Letter from the Editor, it’s in my latest issue of yoU Mag. Just click HERE