“What is your VISION? Don’t have one? Good luck with that.”

I’m not looking to perform vision surgery. I’m just looking for people with vision. Those words struck a chord — with precision …hitting the emotional nerve in my heart …which was in desperate need of fine tuning after all these years. Years will do that to you. Going through the motions, simply breathing because your lungs need the oxygen will put you in a place of mediocrity. Not that there’s anything wrong with being mediocre if that’s your thing but …no, not me. Here I was in a meeting full of people listening to the same message, the same words as I was — yet I wondered did that sentence “I’m not looking to perform vision surgery. I’m just looking for people with vision.” hit the other people in the room as hard as it hit me? It didn’t matter. What I realized is that I always had a VISION. But this vision was muddied, forgotten …and unrefined.

I decided that if I was SERIOUS about where I saw myself going …you know those daydreams we all have but merely explain away as daydreams — yeah those. Those are the dreams my grande vision is made up of. No longer could I pretend it was make believe, the kind of stuff you see in fairytale movies. After all, fairytales are derived from places where some sort of truth lies right? So if I could have the so-called “fairytale” life and that fairytale is different for all of us …what would it take to get there?


But what is vision? Vision is more than just a compilation of thoughts you have throughout the day. It’s more than just wishing for it. Many people have a vision — in fact, I think as children we allowed our minds to wander, exploring our dreams through make believe games but somewhere along the way to adulthood many of us were told we couldn’t DO THIS or DO THAT because of THIS or THAT. And we believed them. Our belief was crushed and so we stopped dreaming altogether.

I’m here to tell you that we were all born with a VISION. On Monday I asked a few people what their vision for their life is. I got a lot of cool responses. Here are just a few.

Amanda wrote, “A farm with a big ‘ol garden, cattle to sell, goats, chickens…a faithful man who loves me.”

Michelle said, “A family, house of our own, travel to an exotic place. Love and happiness.”

Aurelio said, “Money, money, money.”

It’s great to have a vision but what is “vision” without an action plan? It’s simply an overplayed daydream.

Mel said it perfectly on Facebook, “I can say that without a clear vision of where and what you want in life, you will have a very difficult time achieving and reaching whatever your vision is.”


So instead of ranting on and on about the importance of having a vision, I’m going to give you a couple tips that have helped me put my vision into ACTION.

1. Start with a Vision Board! This is where you can literally create your story. Don’t be afraid to put anything your heart desires on that board. If you want money, put money on your vision board. There’s no reason to feel guilty over the things you want in life. The key tocreating a vision board is that there’s something about materializing your vision. When it’s in front of your face, you’re reminded every day what you told yourself you want out of life. It isn’t just in your head anymore, it’s staring right back at you and that’s powerful.

2. Write down your Goals! I’m sure you’ve been given this advice before. Write down your goals. I write down mine on a white board in our home office. I make sure to outline long term goals (annually) and my short term goals which change monthly. Writing your goals will hold you accountable. There’s nothing more terrifying than looking up at your white board only to realize none of your goals have come to fruition. It’s a horrible feeling and a sure fire way to get you fired back up.

3. Put it into Action! Let’s face it. Most people don’t even have a vision board or write down their goals. Those two steps are essential. I don’t care where your vision board is (Pinterest, on a piece of paper, on a white board etc) or where you write down your goals, but it’s important to have these two things in tow in order to get you to the final step of accomplishing your vision. This step is no doubt the hardest of them all. This is where most people get stumped. Totally normal, but I find that if you do a little every day to reach your goals, it’s not as overwhelming. Map out a plan for yourself. If you’re trying to lose weight, map out how you can get there. What tiny steps will you have to take to get there? If you’re striving for more wealth ($$$), what can you do EVERY DAY to get yourself one step closer? If you do not put your vision into action, then you’re simply a daydreamer without direction.

I hope these simple steps at least get you started on the right path to accomplishing the vision you have for your life. It took me a long time to understand the importance of those three steps. Get started today by unleashing the power of your dreams and watch how quickly the tide turns.