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The strategy I chose was “A contemporary building that stresses abstraction thanks to its use of the grid”. The author of my reference photographs is Andreas Gursky. I try to find the difference between old buildings and contemporary buildings. Grids are playing a more important role in contemporary buildings since glasses are widely used. Compare to the old buildings, lines on the surface of contemporary buildings are more vivid and fluent. When those lines cross together, grids and patterns are generated, which simplify the complex structure of buildings and that is the abstraction. These photos are not only focusing on the grids and patterns on contemporary buildings, which means stressing the abstraction, but also making contrast with old style and interior sight that help us analyze the structure in contemporary buildings with the help of abstractions.

These photos shot by Andreas Gursky are exactly what I make references to. The perspective in many of Gursky’s photographs is drawn from an elevated vantage point. This position enables the viewer to encounter scenes, encompassing both centre and periphery, which are ordinarily beyond reach (Wikipedia: Andreas Gursky). The grids demonstrated on the picture bring out the main shape of these contemporary buildings. Though these photos only focus on one side of buildings, they analyze the main structures and stress the abstractions.

These photographs are shot in the same style as Gursky’s. All these contemporary buildings I chose have attractive grids on the surface. I framed them also only by focusing on one side in order to let the grids and patterns explain the graceful shape, and stress the abstraction of them as what Gursky did.

These two photos are shot at corners of the Chau Chak Wing Building inside and outside to make contrast. Those grids make contribution to the unique vision both interior and exterior.

This is a contrast between old style and contemporary style.These two photos are in same perspective to make it easy to show the difference. It is obviously that the grids on a contemporary one are more simple but more elegant. These two photo show us the evolution of buildings and the development of the shapes with time thanks to the grids that stress the abstraction.


Wikipedia: Andreas Gursky, Available:

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