It’s Not Climate Change — It’s Everything Change
Margaret E. Atwood

This passionate and erudite examination of the possible futures that await us — depending on the actions we take now — is brilliant. I would like to mention an additional, foundational solution to climate change, one commensurate with the scale and scope of the problem, and that is a revenue-neutral carbon tax.

By enacting such a “tax” (the word is not accurate, since every cent of the revenue would be returned to American households), we could price fossil fuels out of our economy within decades while adding jobs and modestly increasing our nation’s GDP.

According to the World Bank, carbon-pricing mechanisms already exist in over 40 countries and 20 subnational jurisdictions around the world. In North America, British Columbia has led the way, proving with its popular and effective policy that such a tax can benefit not only the environment, but the economy. Here in the states, a grassroots organization called Citizens Climate Lobby is working to make this a reality — and politicians, left and right, are listening.

I encourage readers to explore the idea by checking out

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