Tripment is a healthcare marketplace featuring transparent pricing that empowers patients and caregivers to browse, book, and pay for medical procedures and consultations online. Its mission is to improve the quality and affordability of healthcare by increasing price competition and building a free and transparent medical services market.

As we…

Music is something that lifts our souls and consciousness to the top, regardless of what we are experiencing — sadness, dancing, or meditating. We can find a suitable melody for all these states. is world-class royalty-free stock music and sound effects library.

For the promotion and maintenance of this…

The Paypolitan platform uses blockchain technology, smart contracts and open banking APIs to provide a next-gen billing solution that meets the needs of modern payment systems for businesses and customers. It’s a convenient all-in-one payment solution.

The assignment was to create engaging and interesting content, attract a new relevant audience, launch marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, and grow new users.

Final statistics that we are eager to represent:
- 5x subscriber growth
- 150+ individual pieces of content
- 9500+ new users
- 70,000 impressions monthly

We live in a digital world where we are used to looking at beautiful pictures, dynamic videos and engaging stories. Today, few businesses can survive without a solid strategy. And of course, this strategy necessarily includes the design concept of your social network. It should be a design that speaks for itself and clarifies what brand you are currently viewing at a glance. A design that makes the user behold an image for a long time and enjoy its aesthetics. The type of design that makes you go “wow” and wonder how it was done.

Ninja.Promo team has only highly qualified designers who will find the best solution to any SMM design concept in the world 😉

We are the best of the best — because we are ninjas!

We had the honor of working with Bitforex, a global Top-10 Cryptocurrency Exchange Leader in the cryptocurrency niche! BitForex can be described as the world’s leading giant one-stop cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to providing users with safe, professional, and convenient digital currency trading services.

Our role in this responsible task was…

A small interview with our new colleague.

Meet Anna, a New Ninja

A few weeks ago, NinjaPromo team welcomed our new player, marketing assistant Anna.

🏡How do you like a new office?

I really like it, yes! It’s big, spacious, and I have enough personal space thus being close enough to my colleagues. They say COVID-19 second wave’s coming, so social distancing is quite important. …

According to Socialinsider, carousels are the most engaging posts on Instagram. But just posting a carousel is not enough to get high ER. We’re here to show you how to make sure your carousel is adored by both your audience and the Instagram algorithm.

Pros and Cons of Carousels

Pros and Cons of Carousels

+ The Algorithm Gives Them a “Second Chance”

If a user sees a carousel…

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We’re a creative growth-marketing agency that helps scale-ups, startups, and tech companies achieve inspiring results.

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