Case Study — How Push Notifly can 3x-6x Conversions & Sales

Comparative Effectiveness Research: Facebook Ads and Push Notifly


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T-shirt and accessories are considered to be an easy niche. Therefore, many people want to give it a go and have to compete a lot in such a broad market.

Anyone who wants to join those “easy” niche will have to struggle to stand out from the crowd.


So NYC Neko has adopted a new tool to get their words out: Push Notifly.


The A/B campaign is from June 10 to July 10.

Niche: T-shirts & accessories for dog lovers.

NYC Neko ran a 1-month campaign with two separate approaches:


Use Facebook Ads to promote their t-shirt collections on SunFrog. Landing page A: UTM source = AAA.


Create Push Notifly links and share to collect Facebook audience; then send notifications to them. When anyone clicked on the notification, they’ll land on Landing page B: UTM source = BBB.

This is how the process goes in details:


Running Facebook ads everyday with a budget plan of $15/day.

Video post has the most engagements.

One sample Facebook posts
Amount spent


Create links with metadata by Notifly plugin and share these clickbait links on Facebook pages & groups.

Please notice that the tag shape on the left of the post is a link.

When anyone clicks this link, their Facebook contacts will be imported in NYC Neko’s subscriber database.

The following video can explain how this feature of Notifly links work. You can watch it right here:

If anyone shares the NYC Neko’s link, its metadata including image & description will show like this:

Notifly links when shared on timeline

After 4 weeks sharing links, NYC Neko gains 800+ subscribers. They seem to know where to find those hyper-active Facebook users.

From the 2nd week, they start sending notifications to their list twice a week. The links redirected from Notifly notifications have BBB as UTM source.


Total sales: 85

Sales from AAA: 22

Sales from BBB: 63

Please also notice that the last two weeks has much higher conversion rate than the first two.

Now you can see sharing Notifly links bring sales 3 times more than paying for Facebook Ads ($396). Moreover, NYC Neko got their own customer database. So they won’t have to pay for retargeting them again in their next campaigns.

Imagine that if you combine Facebook Ads & Push Notifly on the same phase & at the same time, the expected effectiveness would be at least 6x higher!