Recently Watched: A Data Story

great narrative and data mining work Danny. It’s the little things like recency that often go over-looked and have immediate impact, while everyone else is trying to force a random forest or complex graph model to do the job.

So what made you choose 1, 2 and 5 days? I really like footnote [2]: “ A whopping 91% of Twitch’s minutes watched are on video views longer than 5 minutes.” — great fact to even include in the narrative!

Also, when you mentioned the testing showed an increase in minutes by 1.5%, what is this up from the baseline? 1.5% from 7 min. isn’t much, but from 120 min. could be.

Really did enjoy this. Gaming + data science FTW. And bump everyone that knocks pie charts. Honestly, I thought you used them well and kept the story in pace and simplified.

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