Often times, the power I find with my words make me realize how simple the human mind is to manipulate, and this jarring realization brings me to think of how much faith us humans hold within us.

Inherited by birth and through our nature, each of us were at first trusting. We were not tainted by corruption. We were open to. love, to embrace and to find comfort in our connections.

Before any pain was set, we listened. We talked, we heard and we listened. We believed. The trust came with nothing to hold it back and we put it willingly into the hands of someone else. There was no doubt, no fear, just unshakable faith.

Yet along the way… with actions that didn’t. tally with the words said, those beliefs turned to betrayals. The trust to deceit. The promises all turned to lies.

It was the words. The words that we trusted, the words that we loved and the words that gave us comfort. The words had power.

To be aware of this power whilst holding bad intent, is perhaps the most dangerous weapon we could arm ourselves with. With one spit of a venomous tongue, hearts would ache, bonds could break and our faith will begin to shake.

The damage cannot be undone.

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