Is the Mac dead?

The Mac is a great line on computers that put apple in the position to make the iPhone iPad and there other devices. Yet the current line of macs are old and in a desperate need of a refresh that plus a seeming lack of concern for “Pro” devices leaves many wondering about the future of mac computers. A major criticism I see being thrown at apple is that the are really bad graphically. This has cost the Mac oculus support and low performance on the retina iMacs. This is happening while Apple’s iOS devices are delivering impressive performance on the graphics. Rumors have been that apple wants to make an ARM based Mac because of the advancements of the A series of processors that power iOS devices. The major obstacle in the way of Apple achieving that goal is x86 and how to make the Mac run without x86 while maintaining compatibility and performance. This problem isn’t as bad with graphics because if a game or other gpu focused task is run without support for apples home grown GPU it can use the integrated processor GPU until the developer adds support for Apple’s GPU. Performance would be an issue too but less so because there first desktop GPU only needs to be better the the current offering it doesn’t need to be the best yet that's the job for later Apple GPUs it really only needs to be a great first try Apple can perfect it later.

I think Apple will do this for a variety of reasons. Apple likes reusing parts the custom timing controller from the 5k iMac is used in the iPad pros, the iPhone 6s’ camera is in many iOS products, the “s” line of phones, the iPhone se. This would allow Apple to reuse the the graphics (with modifications to make it better for Macs obviously) from there A chips on the Mac. The other reason is that while apple wants to go to iOS as the major computing platform but their not all in on iOS yet they haven’t given up on the Mac yet and until iOS devices can be used to build iOS apps they're not going to. The last major reason is that the tech community thinks the Mac is dead and if Apple wants to keep the Mac around they need to do something big to send the message that the Mac isn’t dead. I could be wrong and its probably the safer bet to bet on the iPad instead of the Mac but Apple tends to have secret projects and plans.

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