New Year, New Twitter

This morning, people have noticed some changes on my Twitter account, and have some questions. This is something I have been planning and thinking about for months; but rather than try to expound upon my entire journey, let me just try to summarize the idea in one sentence:

I want to distance myself from a gaming-centric reputation.

I have always had other interests, and even different presences online, but this “Nintendo Legend” thing really became its own phenomenon, especially on Twitter. Which is great!

But rather be known as some guy who calls himself Nintendo Legend and occasionally has non-gaming thoughts, I’d rather be thought of as “oh hey it’s Eric Bailey, the writer/vocal Christian/almost-funny dude, oh wow this guy has nuanced opinions on old Nintendo games too?”

Simple enough, right?

I also used an automated tool to unfollow everyone. I have been working on a private Twitter list for people I intend to refollow and, in time, I will. So, in addition to changing my identity on Twitter, my usage should change a bit as well — it will be fun to actually be able to look at my feed and see just my favorite people and what they have to say, in an orderly fashion, rather than a rushing torrent of lots of different things going on from 9,500+ accounts.

To be clear: I still own, and will still blog there. Rather than have my online identity tied to that URL intrinsically, I’d rather have it be just one of several things I have going on. In fact, I hope it would still have its own Twitter account. Yes, that may be confusing to some. This is okay.

For now, think of it this way: is where I post my thoughts on entertainment media, whether it’s a new Star Wars film or an old video game. is where I hope to write more about Jesus, family, and other fun, but more pertinent-to-life topics. is the community retro gaming community I run.

I plan on launching at least one more little web venture soon, nothing ambitious but just something else I’ve wanted to do for a while. Each of these endeavors will have their own Twitter account; so for example, if you want updates on my games writing but don’t care about my faith, that is an option you will have. My new name, @EricVBailey, will represent… me. The guy doing all of it.

That’s the vision. Rather than Nintendo Legend being seen as who I am, I want Nintendo Legend to be seen as just one of the things I do.

I plan on making 2018 an excellent year. Hopefully, I’m just getting started.

Have fun out there!

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