I have four tips on how I have come to succeed as a Freelance developer. From early on, during my adolescence and youth, I have always been very interested in dedicating myself to my work. So much so, that I tried many things throughout my life, from buying electronic items from china in batches and selling them on eBay. To working my luck in affiliate marketing.

But it was when I decided to study Computer Science and dedicate myself to software development, that I began to see more clearly that this could be an option that I should not rule out. Today I am 100% dedicated to my project, mainly focused on Android development, but my experience can also be worth it if you want to become a freelance programmer and provide programming help and development services to the clients and getting paid in return. …

Programming is a progressing industry and the future is every bit as important as any present. Every time you look at the world of tech and programming you’ll notice that is has changed in comparison to the last you checked on it. …

Hello again everyone, this time I am here to tell this interesting topic and for sure we’ve all heard a lot: about “inheritance”. Yes folks, let’s talk about the more than punished inheritance in OOP. Let’s see if it really is as bad as they say use it and why, and we’ll see why we often hear that favor the composition instead of inheritance.

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The post is divided into three parts, first an explanation of inheritance, then an explanation of the composition and finally a comparison of both. …

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