It’s Not About You

We’re all humans. It is an interesting fact about human nature that we will work harder for other people than we will for ourselves. I do not mean in terms of having a boss, but rather what are the motivations for why we do what we do. I think in our modern society people get caught up in their “personal brand,” or trying to elevate their individual status. What we forget sometimes is that the best way to elevate ourselves is to help do it for others.

Clip from the movie Cloud Atlas; ‘Our lives are not our own’

Through the practice of yoga, we learn that we do not step on the mat for ourselves, but for the betterment of all beings, everywhere. If we can become the highest version of ourselves, then everyone we come into contact with will be affected positively. Imagine if we had this mentality with all of the work that we did; focusing on improving other people’s situations and not just our own.

Is there a way that your work can be a catalyst for other people to be successful too? However you define success, I believe we all can reach that transcendental level where everything changes around us if we can truly accept the fact that what we do is not about us. The universe understands and operates under the notion that the more we give, the more we receive.

That’s not opinion, that is science.

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