Standing, and Falling

Our modern society seems to be moving at a breakneck pace. If you really tune into it it may be frighten you if you are not used to that rate of change. But if you really think about how nature works, she is always in a constant change. It’s always funny to me when I see people who are so stuck in their ways; who refuse to accept one of the most fundamental truths of the universe; the fact that things change.

Nature has its own pace, it’s own tempo that is always either rising or falling. One state equally as valuable to the stability of the system as the other. It is important to understand the seasons of change in our own lives to be as in tune with ourselves as possible. Becoming comfortable and not moving is stagnation. Change is like the heart beat of our existence. Our clue to know that we are still alive. A stagnant heart ceases to give life to its host.

Accepting the fact that you must constantly be in a state of change may be a hard pill to swallow. As humans we want to posses things; we want things to be ours; even the things we would be better served letting go of. This is not to say that things should not be enjoyed. It is important to remember that no matter how bad or how good things are, they will change.

This knowledge is one of our greatest assets in life. It motivates us during times of struggle, and yet also serves as a reminder. It allows us to prepare; to become strong enough so that when change inevitably comes we can handle it. Think about any opportunities you have taken advantage of recently. These occurrences are not luck. They are change and preparation working together. When these two aspects of our life work in tandem, life can be a beautiful thing. It is when our preparation is not at the level it should be when the system tips and change is not as enjoyable as we would like.

Remember this in that moment when you look within and start to reflect on things, as we all inevitably do. Our daily scenarios can be looked at one of two ways; as random events, or as preparation. It is up to the diligence of our mind and the creativity of our spirit to take this preparation and create something from it.

I recently watched this video of Steve Harvey giving some behind-the-scenes motivation to his audience while on duty for Family Feud. He alludes to the fact that anyone who is considered successful have all done one thing, they’ve jumped.

Our lives provide countless moments where we stand on the proverbial cliff, gazing out and over into the unknown. Standing on that cliff is a useless exercise; as the wind blows; as the sun moves in the sky; as the weather changes; you stay the same. Stagnant, stale and unmoving. For the thrill seekers; for those that are truly living; those who understand that life is constant change; they do not waste time standing. As they take the leap (sometimes with a running start and aerial acrobatics) they relish in the few precious moments after they have left the cliff behind; those few life changing moments we experience as the system tips from one state to another; from standing, to falling.

Live for that feeling.

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