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Traditional podcast hosts overcharge the majority of podcasters to offset their cost for top shows. But in a world in which listeners can directly support the shows they listen to, no creator needs to pay at all.

As the co-founder and CTO of Anchor, a company that lets anyone in the world create and host a podcast for free, I truly believe that the traditional podcast hosting landscape is extremely antiquated. But more than that: it’s unfair to creators. A couple of weeks ago, I published an article about why you should never pay to host your podcast. The outpouring of support was incredible. But there were certainly some skeptics who asked for more of an explanation. …

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Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

Thanks to modern cloud services, the cost of storing and serving content on the internet is incredibly cheap in 2018. With a podcasting platform like Anchor, there is no need for podcasters to pay anymore. So why are traditional podcast companies still charging creators to host files like it’s 2008?

In my role as CTO and co-founder of Anchor, I’ve spent the past several years working to make sure that Anchor remains the easiest way to make a podcast ever. And, that it remain 100% free for creators. One of the questions I am often asked is “How is Anchor free?” Podcasters are accustomed to paying to host their podcasts, so why aren’t we charging? What’s the catch?

It’s a great question, and my answer is usually a question, too: “Why would you pay for podcast hosting?” Or, “Why aren’t the other guys free?”

Many podcasts are hosted by a…

Nir Zicherman

@anchor co-founder and CTO

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