How to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year, According to Harvard Research
Elle Kaplan

Happily, I come from a family of book worms. None of us have ever been told to read more. I may not do the laundry or dishes, but I will read. It’s my procrastination go-to activity.

Tip: Have more than one book on the go at a time. Not feeling the love right now for one there’s another to go to. Come back to the first when you’re read. I have 5 on the go right now. Which I read depends on my mood. One of them is REALLY good to read before bed; puts me to sleep in minutes!

Tip: I find reading in a noisy place forces me to focus my attention. This worked really well during university — no dishes or other housework to procrastinate with, no quitting just for a minute to do my nails or take a shower…

Tip: Ear plugs when reading in a public space. Reduces distraction.

Tip: Find others who share your reading tastes at least somewhat and share reading lists. I use my sisters. We don’t always like the same things but often enough that it’s worth checking out their suggestions.

Also a social media site like — if you and someone else likes a book or author, you might like other things they like. Or even Amazon’s “People who purchased this also purchased…”

I follow on FB and every week they have free and cheap ($.99) books you can download.

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