They’re missing some really basic listening and communication skills that are essential to solidarity. They’re missing the critical analytical skills to see systemic racism, micro-aggressions or switches in coded speech.
Most white folks aren’t ready to organize
Erynn Brook

This is what I KNOW I’m missing and am having such trouble finding. Thank you!

I am at home full time with a disability and not able to go out to protests very often or to organize. I am a former labour activist and I have been feeling horribly guilty about not contributing. Now I am glad. It may have stopped me from making some big, really stupid mistakes.

Instead I am reading. Not just racism: transism, homophobia, ableism, sizeism, mental illness stigma, etc. Especially white fragility. I am filling myself with other people’s stories. Listening to other people’s voices. Trying to understand, which doesn’t always happen, even frequently doesn’t happen. But instead of dismissing what I don’t understand, I just let it soak in. I feel like I am filling up the bathtub with all these different perspectives and am trying to immerse myself to my neck and let it soak in. It actually does work some. Especially after hearing the same thing I don’t understand over and over from different places. Making sense starts to creep in the cracks. Just a little.

I will definitely check out NWL as soon as I am done here! I am looking for sources so I can learn to SEE better! I can see misogynistic stuff for the most part. That I learned in women’s studies at university. And I can see a lot of homophobia from associating with gay and lesbian colleagues and friends. But my ability to see other isms isn’t what I would like it to be.

I mainly subscribe to newsletters (but also blogs) bc unlike ‘Following’ on FB, they don’t disappear over time — they just stack up in my mailbox, waiting for me to get to them before the next one comes in.

Medium is a great place to find a diversity of voices (Not sure what I am going to do since it has gone subscription but I am still accessing it so far). And the 3 other articles shown at the bottom of the page lead me on to other great stories.

In addition I have subscribed to: ThinkProgress, The Root,,, Wear Your Voice magazine, 100 Naked Words, Bitch, Everyday Feminism, The Establishment, and, to get my head out of North America and see what is going on around the world, Al Jazeera. I’ve probably missed something and I will be adding to this list as I go.

One of these days (if I can get on the clinical trial for a new treatment and it actually works), I will be out there on the line, organizing, protesting, doing whatever is needed again. For now, stuffing my brain is a good thing and won’t go to waste. Thank you for explaining things a little more clearly!

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