India — Let’s keep trying to be Independent again.

As a country, we are celebrating our 70th independence day today. I am super proud of progress that we have made in last 2.5 decades against all our odds. Thanks to our jugaad theory and belief in making it through.

Photo Credit — Aashish Gautam via Unsplash

But, as a same time I wonder if it’s the right direction with what’s going on as a society.

  • What’s happening to our value and belief systems ?
  • Where did we loose our empathy and compassion in this journey ?
  • What happened to our spirits when world is embracing our culture and spiritualism all over ?
  • What happened to our democracy and equality against elite few ?

Well, I don’t know what lies ahead. But I am hopeful and as a optimist, I want to see glass half full.

We as a country can learn a lot from smaller EU economies like Portugal / Scandivians / Spain . All have deep rooted cultures, belief systems and yet they are able to make astounding progress as a society and country.

This independence day and forth — I hope, pray and wish we be free from vices of :

  • Me over others (society / country)
  • Inequality fuelled by race, power and money
  • Complacency and lethargy
  • Mindset of can’t do
  • Idol worship (political, financial and of celeb nature)
  • Blind adoption and non-questioning attitude

As a profound believer in technology and it’s good, we are at cusp of something better. With youngest demographics in making and with democratic governance, we can seize this moment.

Internet, better connectivity and information transparency can take our country to unimaginable high. Let’s pivot our ability to go beyond our language, geographical and physical boundaries and act as ONE.

Let’s be a country that we want to be in. Where each of us take part without any doubts, fears and hatred. Atleast — let’s keep trying.

Happy Independence Day to myself and a billion others.