Come Kiss My Wall⁉️

Just a cheap wooden fence

I am a firm believer that we are much better served when we live in a state of allowance. This is to say without forcing people to do things for us, or without stopping them from doing what they want to do. I know this sounds too simplistic and mighty redundant. Life, however, becomes less problematic when we look at things from a very pragmatic point of view.

🔺Do Americans want a wall between the United States and Mexico?

Yes, a pretty good number of them do! ✔️

🔺What could Mexico say?

We find the building of a such wall impractical and somewhat offesive. We, however, understand that you are quite entitled to do in your country what you deem right. So we do not oppose you building your wall out of self respect, and out of love toward ourselves and everybody — you included. Thus we wish you the best of luck in your wall endeavor!

Now, let us look at a few facts. Most walls are built for protection and privacy. My husband and I built that old wooden fence to keep our four-legged children in our yard. We too did not want people trespassing on our property. We did not want other individuals’ four-legged children to get to ours because things can get quite agitated when that happens. Right? Right! If our neighbor would have complained about it, we would have tried to reason with him out of politeness — true civility. If Jay (making up the name of our neighbor to keep his real name out of this) had refused to respect the need for us to build a fence, we would have won the case in court.

Of course, my husband and I did not dream to ask our neighbor or the neighborhood to pay for our beloved fence. It would have been an unreasonable request, and quite an atrocity to say the least. If I am the one who wants a fence on my property, I must be the one to pay for it. We cannot expect other people to finance our dreams, even if those dreams are worthy in nature. Furthermore, we cannot coerce individuals into coming up with a solution to our problem (whatever the issue may be) because coercion weakens the justification of the case. It invites animosity and retaliation of some sort.

Human beings are meant to come together to solve problems. Threats are never the solution but the problem! The way to whistle our way through life is by honest cooperation. We do not have to like what others appreciate. Our only duty is to respect someone else’s wishes. This is how we engage in genuine meditation. We get up from the comfort of our mindful serenity to live life’s ups and downs. We extend our hands to help out. We lend our ears when friends, relatives, or even perfect strangers want to be heard.

Everything becomes less confrontational when we hear each other out with integrity front and center.

We give ourselves the time and room to live in a state of allowance. We do not push. We do not pull. We allow issues and people to take the course they may. Our most important task is to stay out of their way.

For your consideration —

Books I highly recommend:

  • Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
  • The Art of War by Sun Tzǔ
  • Bible

Movies I find useful & interesting:

  • 📽 Pushing Hands directed by Ang Lee
  • 📽 The Wall starring Martina Gedeck

Last thought … for now — The Taiji way — be water! 💦 Go with the flow! ☯️

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