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John, I take the thank you I gave you earlier back! Why? Well, I read your reply a few hours ago, but I was on my way to a meeting. I, of course, kept pondering about your words/thoughts while I was driving, and listening too to some Scarlatti’s baroque. Darn it, I missed the exit!‼️😯 Yeah, yeah … I laughed it out! 🙃

Well, I do believe that in essence we’re both on the same page. Now, my thing is that it’s much better to try and “fail” than to never try or to stop trying.

Fame doesn’t attract me at all. I’m a bit more practical in my life, and I’m more into living really comfortable. As long as I’ve that covered, all is well. Of course, spiritual (nothing to do with religion) and intellectual wealth are paramount for me. Thus all in all I aim for balance, even in the midst of chaos — which isn’t always easy!

Poor Emily, she begged and begged numerous publishers, but none of them replied to her what she wanted to hear. Thoreau, like Emily, is well loved now — ironic indeed.

Thank you John for making me think!‼️🖋

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