SF Ali

Let’s start this the old fashion way —

Dear Ali:

I’ve received your letter (post). I too have received your awesome selfie, or is it photo? You know, that thing that looks like you! You know, then, where I’m going with this. Yes, you look like your typical self in that pic. Your rebellious nature speaks volumes even there. Cool!

So, what in the heck am I saying?

Keep writing! We’re reading everything you post because in a way you’re writing our own lines. The thing is that you’re the brave one, the one who leaves out the BS. And for that we thank you kindly. Really!‼️

And yes sir, go have your doughnut 🍩 asap.

Of course, I’m going to be me here. This is to say — just make sure it’s organic!🍩😜

Your Customer,

mg (n)☯️

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