Thank You — I Don’t Want to Be your Hero!

It’s indeed how the true story goes — people forcing other people to be their heroes. So in the name of — OMG, I’ve got to help out — some dear folks end up serving friends and relatives almost endlessly, and yet resenting the very ones they save. The reason for that to happen is mighty straightforward. We’re human beings who get tired of assisting the same individuals again and again. We become mentally exhausted. We feel drained, like gone baby gone. On top of it, we’ve to come up with some amazing excuses to justify the victims’ self-perpetuating setbacks. Say what?! Exactly! Anyway, the situation turns into some sort of vicious cycle. Our heroic nature suffers a giant and regretable transformation — from Mother Teresa to The Exorcist (from saviors to oppressors). It’s quite traumatic for the ones involved — giver and receiver. Oh yeah! I know, I know … This isn’t always the case.

Metamorphosis better known for Do Run for Cover ASAP! ;)

♦ Now, when this seems to be the matter, how do we prevent such unfortunate metamorphosis from occurring in the first place?

Well, before we answer that question, let’s make clear that no one forces us into doing anything (unless at gunpoint — from rarely, hardly ever to never). Anyhow, we make allowances, and people — oh people — take notice of those unspoken provisions. Thus, because of the permisive atmosphere that we have created around us, individuals expect the salvation we, directly or indirectly, have “kinda” promised to them. If we fail to come up with the answer (to this or that problem), life as we know it takes an awkward turn. This is to say friends, relatives, and even semi-strangers (i.e. colleagues, neighbors, fans/followers) will get mighty upset (aka pissed off) when we decide — just like that — to hit the breaks of our army.

♦ What are the names of those who constitute our army?

How about sergeant Money, lieautenant Time and Commander-in-Chief Energy⁉️

The lowest in rank is Money, for obvious reasons. It’s totally replaceable, renewable. We can always make more dough, somehow! The part that gets tricky is with Time and Energy. Those two are rightfully linked to the very core of our existence — indeed that important. They require our due diligence in using them wisely. They’re sacred. We need them to stay fresh and focused. We can’t waste them on those who do not want to help themselves. We want to be helpful, not enablers of irresponsible behavior because there’s a name for that — toxicity. So we, like musicians, take it from the top. Not here, not now, not in my house! Ain’t happening!

Please, spare me the part about that we can’t judge people.

Keep in mind that this too is about self-respect. We can’t afford the shrinkage of our noble and courageous disposition with causes that for the time being appear to be stagnant. We can be generous — plainly put good people — without jeopardizing the essence of our supportive attitude as well as the spine of our integrity. Those two are the flames that keep the fire of our energy alive and burning.

Bottom line — on your way to Say No to Drugs, don’t forget to Say No to Abusers. Say No to Users. In the long run, the three are equally lethal!

Last thought, all of us can be mighty heroic human beings without setting the house on fire. Because as insignificant as it may look, we are the house.

Dance! And don’t forget to dance!

Laugh! And don’t forget to laugh!

Keep the party going!

Live vigorously — each second counts!

You’re entitled to happiness!

Really as in …

Infinite really!
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