TFW You Fall Out of Love with “Like”
Leigh Alexander

The word balance comes to mind❕
Nothing is good! Nothing is bad!

There’s always an in-between, a bridge, an invitation to crossover. It’s like in that book (or the movie with dear Julia Roberts) by Elizabeth Gilbert Eat, Pray, Love. There in that book Liz points out that Italian expression she learned to cherish and to use well in life.

Attraversiamo — we crossover.

Life involves serious and yet joyous shots at endless adventures. We do what we do because at that moment it felt mighty cool to do that. It can be a simple joke we share — FB, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Snapchat, etc — or it can be a mighty serious piece we publish here on Medium. Whatever it’s that we do, we do it because we were in the season for that to take place in our lives. We were willful participants of this or that, and all is well, even if things don’t turn out exactly as we — at some point — envisioned them. It’s a matter of trial and error. At times things are looking up; at times things are looking mighty weird. C’est la vie!

With age taste changes. When we get married (or decide to partner for life with our sweetheart), our priorities start to modify themselves little by little with or without our mindful participation. When children (including pets who indeed become family members) come into the new family frame, life as we know it turns into a constant discovery. Plans’ outcomes get a bit interesting, and at times mighty unpredictable.

The pace of life calls for a constant understanding that self-compassion starts with the acceptance of living in genuine gratitude — the getting to know the seasons we go through in life, i.e. respecting what we’ve lived, embracing what’s to come.

We don’t have to pull or push to get the results we expect in the overall of our lives. We just need attraversiamo to join the Universe on that other side of things — new perspectives, refreshing ideas, and even the rediscovery of the feel of paper and ink, and the pulsations of a hand that’s truly tired from writing like in the old times style. As Ms. Barbra Streisand would sing it to us, Happy Days Are Here Again. 🎶

Keep the ink going, and share it with us digitally! 🖋 😜

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