CommonWell Health Alliance’s mission is to empower patients and practitioners with the control of the health information they want, when they want it. They aim to be partners in the PHR industry, not rivals. MediPortal encourages patients to engage in their health and enables physicians to have all of the information they need to be part of that journey.

In an effort to maintain partnership with key players in the health data exchange and data management industry, MediPortal is working for acceptance into the CommonWell Health Alliance. Working together in the interoperability effort is the only way to avoid fragmented healthcare.

What is theCommonWell Health Alliance?

From their website: “ At CommonWell, together with our service provider and members, we are creating and executing a vendor-neutral platform that breaks down the technological and process barriers that currently inhibit effective health data exchange. And we are committed to defining and promoting a national infrastructure with common standards and policies.”

Who is involved?

CommonWell Health Alliance has highly influential members and founding partners, including key players like Cerner, Allscripts, and athenahealth.

Looking forward…

MediPortal would be the only PHR exchange of its kind in the Alliance. We are pleased to seek membership into this leading group and are looking forward to achieving nationwide interoperability.

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