The Latest in Health Data Security

As more and more health organizations catch up on the electronic storage of health information, more and more concern is being placed on health data security.

Customers want to see more consequences for data breaches and a better effort on health organizations’ part in protecting patients’ health information. What else is happening with health data security right now?


The USA, Canada, and Europe are challenging the health system for bigger monetary penalties for data breaches. We know that our neighbors to the North in Canada have been pushing higher monetary penalties to uphold medical information privacy. Healthcare organizations, health plans, and insurance companies are liable to face federal fines for breaches that tally in the millions. Breaches only need to be reported when it affects more than 500 people. Although there aren’t many cases of penalties for such breaches, HIPAA fines are certainly on the rise.

Safety Measures

Guerrilla “federal watchdogs” will continue to keep an eye on organizations who do not aim to protect health data information and whistle-blow accordingly. Additionally, health organizations will have to conduct random security audits to remediate risks to avoid future issues.

Storage of information is also important. CD backups are not really safe as they can be lost or stolen. We’ve heard too many horrifying stories about how unreliable paper storage has proven to be, too, as there are many cases of medical records being abandoned and uncovered in trash bins across the nation.

Ultimately, data encryption is key! That’s why companies like MediPortal secure their systems with top data encryption technology; the same kind used by trusted online banking sites.

Looking toward 2016…

We’re going to hear a lot more discussion on health data security. Companies who make security a priority should be the more worthy recipients of funding given they run tests and assessments on their systems. Data is going to be digital regardless so securing information is unavoidable; It has to happen.