What’s the buzz on #Healthy2016?

It’s a new year and it’s also that time of the year where gyms see a lot of sign-ups and no-shows; fad diets begin strong; and health experts rally you up for this year’s biggest health trends. Well, what’s’ the internet talking about when it comes to #healthy2016?

Low Sugar

Is it just hype for “new year, new me?” The public is groaning as low sugar and clean eating diets flood newsfeeds. Keeping a diet low in fat was the previous buzz but now it seems people can afford a little more healthy fats and proteins in their diets. It’s that pesky sugar the public is focusing on lowering this year.


This could just be an early-in-the-year trend but meal supplements and appetite suppressants are flooding the market. People are always looking for a faster/easier way to lose weight, even if that means cutting out real foods. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of smoothie recipes on your feed around this time of year.

Smaller, Manageable Goals

Instead of a 2016 health plan, health experts — and health junkies alike — are urging people to make more manageable health goals. It can be as easy as taking a brisk 10-minute walk after you eat to speed up you metabolism, they say.

No matter what your #healthy2016 goals are, make sure you are keeping track of what you do. That way, you know where to make adjustments and when to push yourself harder. Apps like MediPortal have this neat feature where your health and fitness information tallies into a health score. Those family weight-loss wages just got a lot more measurable!

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