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Nishchal Kesarwani
Aug 5, 2013 · 6 min read

Our Platform’s Community Commitment

We will not shy away from anyone who comes to us with a ‘poor’ idea, ‘poor’ plan, ‘poor’ IQ or ‘poor’ anything else. Just the fact he came to us, counts for something.

We promise we will not give up before you give up.

We promise you we won’t let you give up till you give it all that it takes.

We will not shy away from trusting, our fellow dot-makers, with our time.

We promise we’ll do, to the best of our abilities, whatever is to be done for this world to have more entrepreneurs.

We will help give you a a novel and mass meaningful idea to start on.

We will answer every single question you ask.

We will find the answer to everything we need to know.

We will stand by you through your thick and thin.

We will be your devils advocate.

We will help you bootstrap.

We will mentor you through a network of mentors which otherwise you can’t find for ideas that are nothing more than just a thought. One of the advantages of this is :

In short — We will help you startup!!

How will we do the above mentioned?

The Preseed App is being designed to be that community of hackers, hustlers, designers and mentors who aid each other in ensuring the right idea is thought. That right idea is the first step to success.

If PreseedApp were a guy

He would have been the go to guy for anyone looking to start.

The problem we wish to solve for you

The ‘Nay, are you crazy’ problem — The first problem for everyone who wants to start is that there is a lack of ‘go to guys’ or organizations to seek suggestions and necessary insights to get started with. There are more ‘naysayers’ than the ‘yesayer’. This, in our perspective, is the mother of all the problems.

The Right set of information and the Right ‘ye’ at the Right time has the potential to allow you to reinforce your inner voice upon yourself. And that is what you need … to start!

The problem it has solved for us so far and will solve for you too.

Startup is a lonely world. We hope PreseedApp could change that for you too by building a community the members of which are willing to be a part of your lonely world.

Underlying Philosophy

We believe that one of the most understated reasons… or largely a non-stated reason to fail is — to not start. Leave the matter of success and failure to perseverance; there is nothing more to success and failure. This is the underlying philosophy that PreseedApp is founded upon.

What is the single most important reason why we believe you could build companies even when you yourself thought that you couldn’t? Atleast, not so early.

Because one day you yourself will realise, if need be, with a little push from us — ‘The power of the Internet’, The power of having information for free even while you are taking a dump in your toilet. In the words of Michael Lewis — “By its nature the Internet undermined anyone whose status depended on a privileged access to information.”

Food for thought

What can them humans around you tell you that you won’t find on the internet?

You are already empowered. You may not even need us.

Archimedes said that if he were given a long enough lever and a place to stand, he could move the world. We have a place to stand. It is called

This is the exact programme I want to build to ensure that my other ideas also go beyond just me. If it takes the structure I want it to take, most of my ramblings would manifest into organisations.

I spend a lot of time just identifying problems and imagining opportunities & ideas that occur thereafter seeming like solutions to those problems. Sometimes I go ahead to the extent of prototyping that idea (run it for a small group) to test its viability before I could vouch for it.

This initiative is particularly designed to assist those who are able enough to be considered to be equity partners@these ideas that are fulfilling the following criteria —

1. Viable ideas.

2. We have already either tested or just have a lot of faith in these ideas and the underlying vision.

3. We are very keen on giving further shape to these ideas or startups

4. They go a long way into synergising with something else on our longer agenda.

This is also my initiative to give an opportunity to those who already seem fit to startup and are crazy enough to take the idea forward tirelessly. We believe that this can be a perfect platform for those who do not have an idea yet but are still fit already to take up something extra ordinary. Sometimes it may allow them to intern with or train with an existing startup from our network of startups in India.

In this initiative we exclusively cover the journey and origin of these ideas with the selectees and encourage them to participate in the making of those ideas.

One of the most important reasons for the origin of this initiative is that we want to create a platform where we could share our own ideas and enable you to take up those ideas to co create with us, for we can’t shape so many ideas alone. The ideas range from food we eat to technology we use to the mountains that surround us.

Our mission through this initiative is to create entrepreneurs out of even those who do not even have an idea they were willing to back, let alone b-plan or a prototype. Even those who do not even have technology or design skills. All they may have is a will to do something extra ordinary someday.

No slick presentation or an extensive business plan; all you need to do is answer the following questions.

  1. What do you want to ‘make’? (This can be a product or service.)
  2. How will you sell it?
  3. What is the benefit that it will offer the person who uses it?
  4. What makes you think you can pull this off?

This is our programme where we do business things with you regularly with a single agenda of putting shape to our idea that you are willing to adopt too:

0). Education -: It starts from here. We have already covered this in our writings above. We first educate you on business values we believe in thorough our above mentioned programmes. Most of it is counter cultured. But that is what works in these extraordinary ‘internet’ times of FREE information and FREE tools.

1. Mentorship/Advise — Our advise will lead you to decipher the startup plan, its phases and over all strategies so crisp and simple that it actually STARTS bootstrapped and conducts itself in smarter and contemporary ways. We continue to function as advisors through out the course of the business so long as you feel our need.

2. Scale up Connections — These connections are thoughtfully created potential tie ups that make the process of building a great company faster, more efficient, more cost effective and more scalable. We create a structure around you that leaves you more time to focus on what is most critical to your business so that you do what is most important and others do everything else. These tie ups could be infrastructural tie ups, operational tie ups, process tie ups, technology tieups, human resource tie ups or anyother tie up that can help grow the startup.

3. Vendors — We connect you to the vendors for various executions. These vendors are those vendors we have identified as most cost effective vendors over our experience of the last 5 years.

4. Investments — We put you through the right potential investors ifor your startup and in exceptionally good cases we will get you the investments too.

5. We work with you on anything that we think requires our attention towards chasing a common goal with you.

Here is the link to the form the kind that will create the core of PreseedApp— .

We hope you understand that most ideas that people write to us about are redefined by us, sometimes even completely changed. (Obviously in the interest of the business).

We hope you understand that most ideas that people write to us about are redefined by us, sometimes even completely changed. (Obviously in the interest of the business).

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