I am starting Prefund, an advisory and connections initiative with my friend Siddhant, to find a hand full of action oriented, startups to help them raise money and connections.

Among other things listed below, some personal solid mentorship is what we can give to you for now. We can add you into our culture by adding you into our portfolio at Prefund where we educate, inspire and co-build early stage startups. In that mentorship, how you will raise investment, some leads to investors etc. may happen. As we progress over the next 3 months and some milestones well, we will do whatever we can considering doing as if our own, like we would do for any of our other startups. Our participation with you will be directly proportional to your offer, so before we proceed with you, we need to know — what would be your offer to us?

If you’d like me to hear you from here on as a representative of Prefund, you could tweet your words with #prefund to @nishchal and he will take you forward from Prefund’s perspective too. Or you could simply follow the instructions on Prefund Web Page.

Our team and extended network has fair knowledge about what is going on in the web, and that makes our team identify novelty really well.

As soon as we list you here, we open some possibilities for your opportunity to get discovered by those who open Prefund. It may lead to some solid connection for your idea/startup. Many talented people open the webpage of Prefund and get led to develop relationship with our startups.

Also immediately after we list you, you settle somewhere in our minds. That means, in a day when we research on matters of interest to us, we research for you too.

The things we do in a day, enable us to stumble upon many teams with a strong will to build further upon their startups, with supporting skills, fully a market ready product, logistical and back end capabilities. Almost invariably, if we find them good enough to ping our minds, we would have views for them that could help them make further progress. But these views are not mere theoretical views, these are strategies that need to be executed beyond the current capabilities of the startup team. So, in order to help these teams at different stages of the startup life cycle we have allowed for such teams to apply to Prefund.

To Prefund Applicants,

If you don’t have a slide deck, make one. We won’t be able to serve you without one. I have written a lot about what a slide deck should be about here. Make use of the free gyan from me about making of a slide deck.

Dig us well if you have a consumer web product that is just ready to have its first set of users, regardless of how ugly it looks.