To Preseed Web Lab Head

The person we are looking for holds the key to taking us to the pinnacle we deserve

In the next few years we would have collaborated with 100s of inspired Indian hacking and designing youth to produce one MVP after another and still fail because we do know how to produce MVPs at no cost, but we don’t know enough about how to distribute them on the world wide web unless either we find you or learn ourselves of the dynamics of web product launches and marketing

Your key responsibility would be to Manage the Preseed Web Lab Ideas vis-a-vis -:

  1. Bringing on board one manager per 6 ideas. (This is called a cluster at Preseed Web Lab. So in essence you have to build a new cluster every year since the day you join.
  2. Leading these managers.
  3. So you must know all of what is expected of these managers. To read more on what is expected of these managers, read this.
  4. Getting the product teams incubated at the most suitable technology incubators as soon as a considerable customer traction is achieved for those MVPs. finished MVPs. That would be your end goal per product.

Note -: You must know something very different about how we run Preseed Web Lab. Most here are at remote locations available to work mostly at nights and Saturday/Sundays. So managing a geographically scattered team, with their own preferred timings of work should not scare you.

We will need you to invest Rs. 20 Lakhs into Preseed Ventures Pvt. Ltd for taking your 5% into it for joining in full time. It is this 5% stocks in the future that should provide you your motivation to grow Preseed Web Lab further.

To know more about our talented web lab team and their works you are required to manage, check out Preseed Web Lab.

In short what do I expect from you?
Atleast one product of Preseed Web Lab incubated at YCombinator every year. The moment you achieve this for us. You will get 1% more in ownership at Preseed per such incubation for the next 3 years.

I hope you are listening my man. If yes, comment right here to help us take this forward. Remember we have incredible ideas and some of the best hackers and designers in our team already to build upon those ideas, all we need now is you.

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