But I hope she doesn’t. I hope she stays, because she is Doing This Right, and in a corner of the internet that has become naught but an endless circle jerk, a cliquish collection, a churlish, childish cohort interested not in writing or the truth, but in making sure The Right People are elevated, and The Others put down, she is someone worth reading and listening to.
Samantha and The Great Big Lie
John C. Welch

Whether it's the incestuous web of podcasts or all the time they spend on Twitter, the regular Apple pundits seem to be growing more insular and inward looking. They've got sponsors to not offend, and connections to maintain. They've become bland.

The best work now is being done by the outliers, people more interested in voicing their opinion than guarding their cushy work-from-home gig.

If nothing else comes from this, a lot of people have now been introduced to a great writer.