Village life on the Swahili Coast

Far from the madding crowd

Welcome to Swahili coastal village life , they were roasting cashew nuts over a small charcoal fire and presented one to me to try . Find out my thoughts about development and “progress” in Swahili Chronicles — available now in hard copy and also on Kindle through Amazon ( you have to log into your Amazon account to be able to see the cost and order ).

Village Reflections

These are my thoughts.

It is early evening, just before sundown, and the cool sea air envelopes the street, save for a few homes lucky enough to have generators or mains power.

Yet, as I walk back from the beach and I hear the waves crashing on the shore, my friends and I also hear the delightful laughter and childhood happiness of kids playing in the street.

“Mzungu, mzungu,” they cry… or perhaps “shikamo,” the Swahili greeting of respect to the elders.

One small boy plays in the gutter right next to the red-earth road and the shop selling essentials of the day.

All this is done in the shadow of a small solar lamp outside an old ramshackle house.

But I ask you, is this POVERTY?

I don’t think so.

I think it is part of a rich childhood.