Two Beginner Swimming Techniques

Nita Charlton-Gomes earned her BA in economics and political science at University of California in Irvine, California. As the owner of HB Business Consulting Services and Solutions, Nita Charlton-Gomes assists businesses with a wide range of areas, from the hiring process to preparation of financing for equipment. Away from her work duties, she enjoys swimming.

Even if you haven’t swum since childhood, there is still time to brush up on some beginner swimming techniques. To start, it’s essential to stick with basic swimming techniques until you feel comfortable in the water and can stay afloat. The freestyle stroke allows you to practice your flutter kicking and float on your chest, sides, and back. Once that technique is completed, a dynamic balance should be practiced, allowing you to float as you change positions. Lastly, arm movements can be added.

The second swimming technique is the breaststroke, which will allow you to practice leg kicks and arm strokes individually. First you should practice on dry land and then move to the water with a flotation device. Finally, you can gradually combine both techniques once you can confidently swim the breaststroke.

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