5 things Hurricane Matthew taught me about modern society
John Whitford

I am glad you all are okay. We are here in North Carolina (inland) and no one was prepared for what Matthew had in store for us. Our governor and various news and weather outlets warned us but every one was bracing for the coast to get the worst of the storm. Everything in land is flooded where I am at. 12 inches of rain in several hours, lots of wind, and broken dams. No matter where I drive 15 minutes each direction there is horrible life threatening flooding. People are still stuck in there homes, no food, no water because you have to boil your water, and most businesses are closed because they have damage from the storm. I can not stress enough the agreement to your post. Matthew has taught my community that no matter how silly the idea of a natural disaster striking you seems it can always turn out worst than anyone expected. We still have flash flooding and warnings going on until Monday next week even with the hurricane long gone and the sunshine.

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