The Evolution of Logo Design

The history of logo is as old as human civilization is, implying that humans started using logos as a basic requirement to identify things. For example, it was difficult for an individual to identify which goats and sheep belonged to him. So, humans stamped animals with an identity mark. You can say that these marks on goats, sheep etc were the early logos to claim ownership of domisticated animals.

As activities of humans gave rise to different cultures and religions, they felt the need for itentifying a group of societies from others even more. Still, the earliest logos were marely a mark to let others know who the owners of the product, culture and religion were.

Victorian Era of Classical Style — It was truly in the Victorian age during 19th century that history of modern logo design begins. In those days, entrepreneurs like John Cadbury, the chocklate brand of today, were entering in markets. An enviornment for businesses was being formed gradually, which required logos for product and ownership identification. Logos during this era had classical patterns weaved into the symbols.

Trademarking Begins — In the early years of 20th century, businesses felt need for accquiring trademark of their logos. They feared that competitors will steal away their identity marks, which would have been detrimental to their business. So, they thought that registering a logo as a trademark will protect their corporate identity and interests. In fact, trademarking of logos was responsible in giving a boost to logo designing as companies could create unique logos without fear of theft by competitors.

The Era of Strong Brand Ideas — Once corporates had their identities trademarked, they could think of using logos for building a brand identify of a company and its business. During the era from 1930 to 1980, logo designers made all efforts to create unique logos that could spell out brand personality of a company. For this, the designers outlied logo design principles and theories that many follow even today. Legendary designers like Paul Rand and Milton Glasor were active during this era, giving iconic logos to the corporate world.

In fact, most of logo design that we admire today are from this era. Such logos include that of McDonald, FedEx, Starbucks, Nike and Ford.

Modern Day Logos — Today’s logo designers are more concerned about creating simple logo designs. They emphasise on eliminating all unnecessory eleminents and keep only those which can convey a message. This has given rise to minimalist design movement in logo creation.

With logos seen as an integral part of brand building strategies, the designers do not follow theorotical approach to design logos. They are breaking every rule of the book to create logos that help companies stand out in highly competitive business enviornment.

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