Nitin Khanna — An Inspiration for Upcoming Entrepreneurs

The success story of Nitin Khanna can be rightly accredited to his ability to paint a vibrant story of a bold, almost impossible vision, his passion for work and life, and his sturdy belief that one can achieve ones goals by aligning with the best people and investing in them.

Nitin Khanna is a talented entrepreneur who has leveraged his ingenuity in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and has generated exceptional results as the CEO of MergerTech. Headquartered at Portland, Oregon, MergerTech works with technology entrepreneurs to maximize their outcomes by finding the ideal strategic or financial acquirer.

Nitin Khanna believes ‘business sense is like a sixth sense, not necessarily extra sensory perception but more like that power to smell what business enterprises would succeed’ and this is what drives him to work more dynamically at his Oregon-based empire.

Nitin Khanna’s inspiring story started with his first company Saber Corp., which he grew into the largest provider of state government solutions in the United States. He co-founded this company in July 1998 and grew it to 1200 employees and over $120MM in revenue by 2007, when he sold it to EDS for $460MM. Nitin Khanna then took over the leadership of the government business of EDS’ that included Saber. A year later (after HP’s acquisition of EDS), the company stood with $300MM in revenue and 1500 employees. Being at Saber, Nitin Khanna led 8 M&A transactions, and gained an experience that helped him with his next company MergerTech.

Founded in 2009, MergerTech is a boutique technology bank providing mergers and acquisitions advice. The key advantage of MergerTech is the personalized and detailed advice that Nitin Khanna himself offers based on his domain knowledge and past operational experience.

MergerTech’s key insights since its inception, has been that the non US and non-technical buyers pay more to the US based IT companies and startups. This is the insight that led him to advise on Simple’s (a fintech startup) sale to BBVA (a Spanish bank) or Mutual Mobile’s (a mobile software developer) sale to WPP (a British ad agency). In both the instances and in others as well, the prices achieved were way higher than any traditional buyer would have paid. For the sale of Simple, The Wall Street Journal named it as the highest value ever achieved per customer in an M&A transaction. MergerTech is also ranked as America’s №1 bank for mobile banking, and is ranked ahead of the white shoes names like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

Lately, Nitin Khanna decided to get in at the floor of the rapidly legalizing medical and recreational cannabis industry. This $100BB industry is exerting to move from the black market to the legal market in the next few years. This made Nitin start Cura Cannabis Solutions in 2015, and he has already grown it enough to rank it among the largest cannabis oil providers in the Oregon region. Nitin Khanna plans to expand this organization to Canada and California this year and believes that it can be one of the most valuable cannabis companies globally.

Though a busy businessperson, Nitin believes in living his life fully and with passion. His interest in music has led to professional DJ gigs at various festivals and clubs. For the love of wines, Nitin made his own world class wine Four Handle and Oregon Pinot Noir. Apart from this, Nitin is also a movie buff and has produced the award winning movies ‘What Lies Upstream’ and ‘Terms and Conditions May Apply’.

He loves his family over everything else and shares life with beautiful wife Laura and adorable kids Natasha, Madox and Lorenzo.

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