Nitin Khanna on Why Doctors in West Are Now Prescribing Yoga & Meditation

There are a large number of yoga experts who have worked throughout their lives to heal the chronic ailments with the help of different yoga postures. Today, there are a growing number of medical professionals in the west that are recommending yoga to help their patients feel healthier. This increased acceptance of yoga therapy in the health care field is partly due to significant positive effects of yoga and meditation.

Yoga Therapy -

It is the application of yogic processes and methods to help people progress toward improved & healthier life. It uses yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises to treat illnesses, reestablish harmony and bring balance in the body, mind and spirit.

The principal aim of this therapy is to increase self-regulation and self-awareness. These two parts of the yoga therapy help influence the internal environment and make positive changes in body and mind. Let’s talk about these two parts below -

· Self-regulation — In this, the techniques that create internal changes in our mind and body are involved. For instance, Yoga Nindra is a relaxation technique to manage almost every disease. It has the ability to support rejuvenation and deep rest.

· Self-awareness — It is the awareness and understanding of our health for better and worse. This helps you to make better choices, bring positive changes, reduce negative thoughts and control emotions that can make you sick.

Health issues that yoga can heal -

It is very effective in healing different health issues. Some of them are -

· Depression, anxiety, IBS, moderate hypertension, stress-related exhaustion, insomnia

· Inflammation

· Spinal stenosis, surgery recovery, acute injury

· Cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, severe hypertension

· Chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis

Why more and more doctors are prescribing yoga therapy?

Nowadays, a growing number of health care practitioners are recommending yoga therapy to their patient, because this natural treatment helps their patients in dealing with a wide range of diseases and illnesses. The studies and researches conducted on yoga have increased exponentially in the last decade. The number of clinical trials and funding for studies on yoga healing has increased substantially.

It helps patients to direct their energy towards the positive direction and reach their desired goals. Practicing yoga in routine can improve overall strength and well-being of an individual. This is a health care tool for those having any kind health issue. You can completely trust this therapeutic branch, as it has become an established field now.