Your ambiguity does not amuse me

2014 — FX

And I continue to pick apart Season 2 of The Strain.

Episode 3: “By Any Means”

We open with Sketchy Vamp training Gus to chew bubble gum and kick vampire ass. When he goes in to kill the last attacking vamp and pulls the stinger out of the dude, it comes out whole. But when the camera angle goes wide, we see it in the background, and it is cut in half. H-How? The other question that this scene brings up is how is it so easy for attackers to pull this stinger appendage out of the vamps? (This question becomes even more relevant in Season 3.) This thing can be ejected for 5 or 6 feet, so it has to be attached to one or more muscles. It is definitely connected to the brain and spinal nerve. Biologically speaking, it should be as difficult to pull out, as pulling your own tongue would be.

Later in the episode, we get to see Abraham’s concentration camp tattoo again. In Season 1 it was on the outside and centered on his forearm. When the younger actor played him, it was on was closer to the inside and on his lower forearm. Now it has moved to the outside and is practically on his elbow. That right there, folks, is how movie magic really works! But then, Abraham is a conundrum in himself. In Season 1 he’s taking Coumadin for his heart and does again in Season 3. Yet we learn he’s ‘consuming’ worm juice here and after he’s taken it, he looks healthier and feels great. So tell me again why is he taking Coumadin? Isn’t that like giving yourself epinephrine shots when you aren’t having allergic reactions — dangerous and pointless?

We move to a climactic fight scene where Gus and the Sketchy Vamp troupe try to attack Palmer in his penthouse. When Sketchy Vamp and company are hit with UV lights, the circle in the center of the room suddenly opens up and drops the vampires onto a UV light. Earlier in this episode, we were able to get a shot of the chamber at a low angle, and I noticed two chairs in front of Palmer’s desk that sit halfway way in the circle. So when those vamp dudes drop into the pit, why didn’t the chairs fall into the pit too?

Episode 4: “The Silver Angel”

We chance upon a scene where one of the evil henchmen is electrocuted, and when he does, he lets out a nice, loud, infamous Wilhelm scream. *sigh* Of course he does. Why wouldn’t he? This comical sound effect has shown up in other series and moments when there was supposed to be tension. So, of course, it has to appear here. It seems as though this sound effect is required for a sound editor to prove that he or she is a true Hollywood history buff.

As our character reverse time to the past, the writer (Chuck Hogan) brings us to a discussion between Abraham and Palmer about going to a nunnery to look for some book. (I’ve stopped caring what artifacts are actually called because they become irrelevant.) The two go to the previously discussed nunnery, and Abraham realizes the vamps have been and gone. But they look for this book anyway, reaching the library. They hear a noise and discover that hiding in one of the cabinets is… An altar boy. Yep. An altar boy in a nunnery. But I was willing to overlook that seeing how some nunneries were also orphanages. This altar boy tells the men that Mother Superior ordered the book they’re looking for to be destroyed and then runs off. Abraham goes off to find both the child and the book and reaches the catacombs where he runs into some turned monks.


You didn’t catch that the first time you watched this episode?

I’ll repeat myself.

At a nunnery he runs into some turned monks.

Suffice it to say that I am unconvinced that the writer can distinguish the difference between a nunnery (for women of the cloth) and monasteries (for men of the cloth), and does not understand that never, ever, shalt the two be mixed sexes. Ever. The altar boy should have said Father Givehimsomename ordered the book destroyed because they are in a monetary.

Course, now that I think about it, maybe that’s why they didn’t find it. They went to a monastery instead of a nunnery.