1st Cryptocurrency in the World Backed by a Publicly-Listed Company

Hello world,

We’re delighted to announce our arrival to the world at the Asia Venture Capital and Private Equity Summit today!

We’re Nitro, we’re about Participation, Connection and Growing together.

  1. We enable lay people to Participate in the video-games economy.
  2. We will Connect all industry stakeholders together through the Nitro Platform and NOX Token.
  3. We will Grow the network together and enable tokenholders to receive rewards for their participation in the network.

Here’s our Head of Communications, Niki, announcing our arrival and sharing why we came up with Nitro in the first place!

If you’d like to learn more about Nitro, you can learn more here!

Otherwise, visit us at www.nitro.live

We’ll be posting more updates very soon!