Developer Spotlight: 11 Bit Studio

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With a video game industry consisting of over two hundred and fifty game companies, it is no wonder that Poland has been one of the world’s video game market leaders. Many of their products have become bestsellers in the world, each targeting various types audiences.

Among some of the key reasons behind Poland’s strong presence in the gaming industry, one of which is Poland’s ability to groom top notch computer scientists and programmers. Polish students are the crème de la crème in terms of programming, attaining the highest scores in international programming competitions like Topcoder.

Despite the high competence of Polish programmers, the competition within the video game industry has not been easy for the Polish game developers. Especially so for the small and upcoming game studios; it is a challenge to successfully persuade investors without a strong track-record, resulting in a struggle to obtain sufficient funding. Game creators from Poland have tried various ways to source for money overseas, including crowdsourcing or crowdfunding through websites such as Kickstarter.

Despite the nationality of Polish developers, many Polish video games’ concepts and storyline are targeted at the global market, in line with the Polish gamers, who seem to prefer Western mainstream productions. This might account for the reason why many Polish studios often get noticed abroad.

Having described the general situation in Poland’s video game industry, our Developer Spotlight series now turns it attention to a game studio from Warsaw, Poland.

Featuring: 11 Bit Studios

11 Bit Studios is a multi-platform game development studio that was founded in 2009 by a group of former CD Projekt and Metropolis Software staff and developers. The highly experienced veterans have had experience working with major publishers such as Atari, Ubisoft and Monolith. Aspiring to deliver unique and pioneer gameplay experiences for gamers on a wide variety of platforms, 11 Bit Studios set off on their venture as an independent game studio.

In year 2010, 11 Bit Studios released their first game– Anomaly Warzone Earth. The “tower offence” game was considered to be a big hit, with great sales and a number of recognizable industry awards, including the Apple Design Award. With the huge achievement and recognition from Anomaly Warzone Earth, 11 Bit continued with the concept and repeated the success with Anomaly 2, Anomaly Korea and few other games.

In year 2012, 11 Bit Studios decided to embark on a much larger project. Little did they know, this decision would lead the team to create a ground breaking title that shook the whole gaming industry. After 2 years of development and with an estimated cost of €500,000, This War of Mine was finally released on 14th of November. Much to the surprise of the studio, the development cost was recovered merely two days after launch. Since then, the wildly successful game has won over a hundred awards and remains as one of the top sellers on Steam and other distribution platforms. This War of Mine was covered on renowned magazines and newspaper across the globe including Time, Edge, Washington Post and more.

Currently, 11 Bit is preparing for their next big game, Frostpunk which is expected to be released in November. The team is confident that Frostpunk would be yet another ground-breaking title, if not more incredible than their previous hits.

Having the courage and tenacity to break boundaries and redefine games has paid off for 11 Bit Studio. The team has come a long way since then, successfully creating an identity that sets them apart from other studios. To date, everything that 11 Bit Studio has set out to do is nothing less than amazing.

Top Games by 11 Bit Studios

  1. Anomaly Warzone Earth
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2. Anomaly 2

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3. Spacecom

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4. This War of Mine

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5. Frostpunk

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