iCandy Interactive Chairman and Nitro Director to speak at the major Bloomberg conference in London along side Mayor of London

Tech investor and serial entrepreneur Kin-Wai will be providing his insights on blockchain technology and the digital economy on 4 Oct during the Bloomberg BuySideWeek 2017 in London (https://bbgev.com/buyside/ldn17/agenda/). Kin-Wai currently serves as the CEO of Fatfish Internet Group (ASX:FFG) and Chairman of iCandy Interactive Ltd (ASX:ICI), the first smartphone game company to go public from Southeast Asia. He will be providing his insights on how blockchain is disrupting the digital economy, with Nitro as a case study.

Blockchain technology is making waves in the technological sphere, and lauded by many as revolutionary technology that will change the world. Cryptocurrencies, one of the main applications of blockchain, have undoubtedly disrupted the financial world with it various implementations, from digital currencies, to remittance and the raising of capital. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are an increasingly popular method for startups to raise capital via the use of cryptocurrency.

With the increasing interest and hype about blockchain technology, it is becoming particularly important for an ICO project to be supported by authentic company and people. In the rapidly-changing crypto-sphere, there is an emergence of an enhanced ICO model where credible mainstream companies use ICOs to launch new funding initiatives in a professionally managed framework. Nitro, the first ICO to be backed by a mainstream publicly listed company, is one such project. It is a game economy token backed by ASX-listed iCandy Interactive Limited, an Australian game studio group established in the international market.

About iCandy
iCandy Interactive is a leading Southeast Asia and Australia mobile games studio group listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. iCandy Interactive facilitates the development of the NITRO Marketplace and it will make available its resources on an ongoing basis to support the operation of NITRO Marketplace.

About Nitro
NITRO involves the creation of NITRO Marketplace, an online electronic marketplace for the various stakeholders of the game economy and a new cryptocurrency called NOX token. The project aims to launch its ICO on 7th Nov 2017 at www.nitro.live.