UPDATE: NITRO, a cryptocurrency for games industry announces the addition of over 318 games, with over 348m gamers within its reach. Pre-sale starts 19th November 2017

Nitro, a video-games token designed to democratize and empower participation in the video-games economy, received a huge boost to its reach today with the announcement of its affiliated company, iCandy Interactive Limited (“iCandy”), about its binding agreement to acquire the entire games portfolio of leading mobile game company, Animoca Brands.

The addition of the Animoca Brands’ game portfolio of 318 mobile games to iCandy’s network will add 325 million unique smartphone gamers to iCandy’s existing 23 million. The combined portfolio will have a total of 348 million smartphone gamers spread across 330 game titles.

Some of the newly acquired games by iCandy include include games from renowned brands such as Thor, Garfield and Astro Boy.

Nitro Director Kin-Wai Lau says, “The addition of the games from the Animoca Brands portfolio to iCandy’s network means that over 330 games will be made available to the Nitro marketplace. What this means is that NITRO tokens will enjoy a ready audience of 348 million gamers worldwide, right from the launch of the Nitro Marketplace. This is incredibly powerful audience that we believe will make NITRO tokens one of the most used cryptocurrencies from the onset.”

Nitro also announced this week that it would begin accepting pre-sales from 00:00 (GMT) on 19th November 2017 SGT.

Nitro: Enabling Participation in video-games economy

The video-games industry generates US$100 billion a year and Nitro aims to enable equitable participation for all parties in this economy. The Nitro project comprises two parts, a cryptocurrency called NOX and an online marketplace called Nitro Marketplace.

NOX, a cryptocurrency token based on the Ethereum platform will be the centrepiece of Nitro’s activities. NOX will enable token-holders globally to participate in the video game economy via:

  1. Voting for the new games they wish to see receive funding from Nitro
  2. Engaging with game producers and promoters
  3. Exchanging tokens for use in games, at a preferential rate
  4. Contributing reviews and feedback for games published on Nitro Marketplace, and receiving rewards for doing so.

Pre-sale of NOX 
NOX, as a cryptocurrency, will be made available to interested purchasers via an online crowdsale. The pre-sale will be opened from 19th November 2017 to 23rd November 2017 and will be conducted via Nitro’s website at www.nitro.live. Participants in the pre-sale will receive an additional 30% in NOX. A total of 60 million NOX will be available for sale.

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NITRO is an online blockchain based cryptocurrency project designed to provide a holistic approach to solve end-to-end ecosystem problems of the video-games industry. The Project seeks to integrate all stakeholders of the US$100 billion video-game industry onto a single platform.

NITRO involves the creation of NITRO Token or NOX and an integrated online marketplace called NITRO Marketplace. NOX is developed on the Ethereum network. NITRO is the first cryptocurrency project backed by a publicly listed company — iCandy Interactive Limited, a Southeast Asian mobile entertainment group listed on the Australia Securities Exchange (ASX).

For more information visit www.nitro.live

About iCandy Interactive

iCandy Interactive Limited (“iCandy”) is an Australian incorporated public company that has its core business in the development and publishing of mobile games and entertainment for a global audience. iCandy is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the symbol ICI. iCandy is one of the leading mobile entertainment group in Southeast Asia with over 23 million smartphone users over their network

iCandy runs multiple subsidiary games studios in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, including leading games studios Appxplore and Inzen Studio. In particular Appxplore has been named Google’s Top Developer on the Google Play store. Top games made by iCandy include Crab War, Alien Path, Star Tap and Dark Dot. Almost all of iCandy’s games titles have been recommended and featured on Apple’s App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store. iCandy has won various awards including the Best Gameplay award at the recently held International Mobile Games Awards (IMGA) Southeast Asia 2017.

For more information visit www.icandy.io

For further question on this news release, please contact general@nitro.live