[NITRO] Air Drop Inbound

Written by: Eddie, Head of Corporate Development, Nitro ​

A VERY Important Announcement from the Nitro Team:

When we first established the Nitro token project, one of our main objectives was to empower gamers with the opportunity to have their say. To give everyone in the gaming community, whether it be bloggers, forum admins, speedrunners, pro gamers, FAQ writers, and everyone else, that dedicate their time and money to what they love, a voice to sound their preferences to help a promising game idea materialise into a living, breathing game, to be enjoyed by millions.

We thought long and hard about how best to deliver this, and over time the Nitro project began to take shape. We want to ensure that passionate gamers who are interested in blockchain tech, are given the chance to experience first hand how our system will work.

This is why we’ve decided to reach out to the blockchain aware gaming community, and provide a free airdrop of NOX tokens to token holders of a carefully selected list of token/coin projects. We feel that if you hold one of these tokens, there’s a good chance you’ll be just the person that would love to participate in the ecosystem we’re building!

We’ll be disclosing the number of tokens we will be airdropping, and full list of token projects involved on Monday the 18th of December, so sign up to our mailing list to find out as soon as its out!

You’ll get to see first hand some of the exciting projects we will be looking to fund, and vote for which ones you like! These ideas will be from a range of renowned and indie game studios. Games that receive sufficient votes will be funded and made. Yes, you will be instrumental in getting a game released. Our licenses include household names like Garfield, and Ultraman. No more corporate suits in an office somewhere shooting down a great idea that they just don’t get. I mean, why would they? Just think of the possibilities…

Voting for games will be the first step. Following shortly after, Nox token holders will be rewarded with NOX tokens for participation in the community through voting, playing games, reviewing games and other actions. Token holders will also be able to spend their NOX to purchase in game content at a discount to normal rates. With the backing of iCandy, an ASX listed company, we have 348 Million gamers based on game downloads. Maybe you’re already playing our games! If you are, you’ll be able to make savings just by purchasing in-game content using NOX! 2018 is set to be an amazing year for both the gaming and blockchain industries. This is one Co-op mode you can’t afford to miss out on!

Check out this video to learn more about it!

To all our existing NOX holders, don’t worry! We have something in store for you as well, to be announced very soon. After all, Christmas is the season of giving! ​

Nitro aims to empower gamers with the opportunity to have their say, 
by opening up to game community that may want to vote on future projects. This is to provide a voice to communicate their preferences to help a game get made.

This is why we’ve decided to reach out, to the blockchain-aware gaming community, and provide an airdrop of the NOX token to ICO participants of other game-related projects. You’ll get to see first hand some of the exciting game development projects we will be looking to fund, and vote for the ones that you like!

You’ll also get rewarded for participating in our community by voting, downloading games, purchasing content, reviewing, and posting on social media.