StarTap review on MachinimaSBOC!

One of Inzen Studio’s games, StarTap was recently reviewed on MachinimaSBOC! Inzen Studio, is also one of iCandy Interactive’s subsidiaries, alongside Appxplore, have developed award winning mobile games.

MachinimaSBOC is an up and coming website for all things geeky and related to either games, film or comics. Here’s an excerpt of the review:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go out into space… Alone?
And what would it be like, if you were observing the entire journey from another perspective, not of your own?
Follow Stella’s journey, as you leave Earth behind to explore what lies not simply beyond Earth’s atmosphere… Beyond our solar system… But even beyond our universe, to infinity!
If you are looking for an idle game that is different from the typical “level-up-to-kill-bigger-bosses” concept, StarTap might just the one for you. Moreover, if you have a keen interest in astrology, the tiny attention to details the developers have put their heart and soul into may just tickle your fancy. While this game has its own charm, it does take quite a bit of time in order to see it all. Even though some may say that the lack of a social aspect in this game may be crippling, it is after all a lonesome journey out into space (and you are still accompanied by the adorable drones equipped with “Feelings“).

The full review can be found here: Have you already tried StarTap? What do you think of this game?

Otherwise, you can try it out here!