The Team: Masterminds behind Nitro

Combined, the team behind Nitro possesses a wide array of skills and experience in the gaming industry.

Several of our key personnel in Nitro have many years of experience in the tech venture and video-games scene. Be it in creating hit games widely loved by gamers, or developing great platforms, our team members have been able to create a successful track record in the industry.

We believe that it is this combination of people that will be the key recipe for the success of our platform that we envisioned in the coming months.

Nitro Team



Kin-Wai is the CEO of Fatfish Internet Group (ASX:FFG), and Sweden-headquartered Fatfish Global Ventures AB, Chairman of iCandy Interactive and director at many tech startups. He is well-recognised as a technology entrepreneur in Southeast Asia that has successfully brought 5 tech companies to IPO.

He was formerly a Research Associate and PhD candidate at Imperial College London. He graduated with first class honours for his bachelor degree from University of Manchester and also received a MBA degree from University of Oxford.



Gerald has been in the games industry since 2004 from startup, to government, to heading operations for a government funded ecosystem catalyst.

Gerald was formerly Head of Operations at the Singapore-MIT Gambit Lab, an organisation formed and funded by the Singapore Government, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to incubate the next generation of games industry talents in Singapore. Gerald is the currently Chief Operating Officer (Strategy and Partnerships) of iCandy Interactive Ltd



Phillip has over 20 years of investment banking experience across Asia and London. He is also a serial technology investor. Phillip is currently Managing Director of the Montreux Group. Founded in 2010, Montreux Capital Management represents a group of investment firms specialising in boutique, alternative funds.

Prior to Montreux, Phillip was Managing Director of Queen Street Capital and before that, Jefferies LLC, an American global investment bank and institutional securities firm headquartered in New York.



Jason is the Co-Founder of Beam Storage and also the Chief Technology Officer of Fintech Asia Group. He is a serial entrepreneur, with a wide range of experience in the tech startup scene.



Nikki is an entrepreneur, startup advocate, health enthusiast, former international model and a social media influencer. These experiences put her in the best position to head the communication team for the project.



Yelena is a successful serial entrepreneur with 2 exits. She is also an investor and mentor to startups in the Central Asia and Eastern Europe region. She is on the Investment Committee of AsadelVenture Holding (A VC firm) and she is also a late-stage investor in GoDaddy, Nutatix, Coupa etc.



Douglas is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vanitee, and additionally serves as a co-founder and Director of iFashion Group. He is also an angel investor investing in startups in Southeast Asia.

Between 1997 and 2016, he founded 5 companies, all of which were sold to MNCs. In 2011, Douglas was named “Young Professional of the Year” by Singapore Computer Society.



Evgeniy has a wide array of experience in blockchain technology, having developed several blockchain solutions including: a supply chain platform “Buydentity” on the Ethereumplatform, (from goods manufacturing to sale in the store) with audit from Microsoft, a platform for clients verification and exchange of information between banks KYC, and one for integrating Ripple technology for Russian banks.

More pertinently, Evgeniy has participated in the case development of the Masterchain platform, as well as seeing through the development and execution of numerous ICO projects from smart contracts to token issuance.

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