Top 10 Reasons to Participate in the NITRO NOX Token pre-sale

Nitro is the first cryptocurrency economy in the world backed by a public listed company, listed on a major international stock exchange. Nitro is an independent blockchain-based online collaboration project that aims to change the value-chain of the video-games industry by bringing all major stakeholders together on a single blockchain-powered network.

In anticipation of our upcoming pre-sale, we give you the Top 10 Reasons why YOU should join the Nitro NOX Token pre-sale:

  1. Nitro is the FIRST blockchain-based open economy in the world to be backed by a publicly traded company — iCandy Interactive Limited (ASX:ICI)

2. The Nitro team consists of key personnel who have many years of experience in the tech venture or video-games scene

These key personnel have a successful track record in their various activities, be it creating hit games widely loved by gamers, or developing great platforms.

3. Nitro is involved with the video-games industry, which made US101.1 billion in 2016 — almost 9 times the revenue of Hollywood, and 3 times the revenue of the movie industry.

4. Tremendous growth in revenue forecasted over the next 5 years — with projected industry revenue reaching $128.5 billion by end 2020.

5. Nitro bridges the market issue/gap in the video-games industry — inaccessibility of funding and imperfect information flow

There are many promising game studios which have great potential to make money but find it difficult to access funding, limiting their growth potential. These promising game studios require feedback and communication with gamers in order to improve their games and services, but limited resources, feedback and communication channels hampers the processes.

6. Nitro connects gamers, game studios, publishers and financiers onto a common platform — the NITRO Marketplace

Nitro seeks to connect what we see as a fragmented and disconnected value chain, envisioning a holistic platform which brings together developers, marketplaces, publishers, and gamers, enabling direct and transparent communication and transactions to take place. This solves the problem of participation and information flow between these various players for the overall benefit of the industry

7. Through the NITRO Marketplace, gamers can discover and play games, while publishers and producers can receive real time information and feedback from the gamers themselves

Gamers will finally have a say in the entire game production process, with opportunities to participate from concept right until production. This will no doubt improve the quality of games that will eventually be produced, improving the eventual game experience for users

8. Nitro will expedite the funding process for Promising Game Studios

By doing so, promising game studios have more access to funding and resources, allowing them to create better games and improve outreach in their marketing efforts.

9. Nitro will offer NOX Tokens as a form of in-game currency — heavily benefitting developers

The use of NOX as an In-Game currency will also create greater linkages across all parties using the Nitro platform. With NOX, gamers will be able to purchase in-game items in a safe and secure fashion. While in-game purchases of virtual items already exist on major app stores, such purchases are subjected to a 30% fee, with a payment delay of 30 days. The Nitro Marketplace will not only offer a more favourable transaction fee, but would also offer instantaneous transactions for game studios to provide greater liquidity.

10. Participants in the Nitro Pre-Sale are entitled to 30% bonus on top of the actual Crowdsale rate

The early bird catches the worm. Stay tuned for the release of our presale dates!

For more information, visit us at to see how we are empowering gamers and complementing the video-games industry with our own Nitro Token!