UPDATE: Nitro’s Pre-sale dates

Hello Nitro Community!

Thank you for participating and backing the movement to empower the video-games economy.

We are aware that you all have been eagerly anticipating the announcement of key dates, and we are happy to share the following update.

Key Dates:

The Pre-sale window has been shifted, it will be opened from 19th November 2017 (00:00 hrs SGT) to 23rd November 2017.

- (We’ve updated the countdown timer on www.nitro.live to reflect this)

Why the shift in dates?

Due to the anticipation of the Segwit2x fork dates, the community has raised up concerns and provided us with valuable feedback. As such, we have decided to shift the dates slightly, so as to give the BTC holders extra breathing space!

If you would like to learn more about the upcoming Segwit2x fork, here are some useful links:



Furthermore, if you have any queries or would simply like to chat with us, and receive updates in real-time, do join us on our Telegram channel at:


Thank you and we will be providing more updates soon!