How to Pop a Marriage Proposal Without Busting Your Bank Account

So, you’ve been dating for quite some time now and you think you’ve found “The Right One.” Your partner knows all your faults; you’ve had fights and managed to resolve them, you can tolerate each other in jammies with morning breath and disheveled hair, and you know what makes each other tick (and when one is being a prick!). If you’re a fun loving person wanting to make sure that your partner never forgets that special day when you propose, and you don’t have a lot of money to splurge, then you’re ready for some fun ideas. Here are a few inexpensive, unique, and amusing ways to “pop the question” to the one you love.

The Fortune Cookie Proposal

Personalize your marriage proposal

If your partner is a foodie, or simply likes different types of cuisine, you can take them out to a Chinese restaurant, or you can order in Chinese take-out at home. Surprise your special someone by having the waiter bring a specially made fortune cookie that says “Will You marry Me?” or some other similar message. The fortune cookie can be ordered from a number of websites and you can even choose to deliver the fortune cookie yourself at the end of a meal shared at home. Either way, it makes “popping” the question a special moment and a unique way that will never be forgotten.

A Stroll in the Park

Pick a favorite park or forest that the two of you love to hang out at when you are alone. You can engrave the question and embed it in a tree ahead of time. Make sure you have some sharp tools to get the job done, or seek professional help if necessary (like a carpenter with a heavy duty drill). Take a leisurely stroll with your loved one leading up to the tree, and when you get the chance point to your craftsmanship, get on your knees and make the proposal!

The Beach Proposal

A romantic proposal on the beach at sunset perhaps?

Did you meet on the beach or at a special beach resort? Or do you know that your partner just simply loves the ocean? Does your significant one savor the sand between their toes, and sprays of water in their hair? Then this might be a fun and inexpensive way for you to pop the question. You can even make the proposal extra special by timing it around sunset or sunrise. You can have friends and family hold up cards for you on the beach or you can try engraving the words in the sand in giant letters yourself. Whichever way you choose, your partner is sure to have huge “waves” of emotion and be taken by surprise!

A Hot Air Balloon Ride

For the adventurous couple

If you have an adventurous partner then you might want to rent a hot air balloon to make that moment special by reaching for the sky. Not only will you have a great view but you will also be alone and secluded from the rest of the world. It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

Whichever way you choose to make your marriage proposal, remember it is a special moment for the two of you, so make it memorable to last a lifetime. This way you will both have an unforgettable and exciting memory to cherish forever.

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