Modvigil vs Modalert — Why are They Different?

What Exactly Are The Differences?

Modvigil and Modalert might reach you to the similar result, and that is why so many people think of them as practically being one and the same thing. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, because they are pretty different. You see, Modafinil is a generic drug, and can be found as such on the market for 6 years now, and you can even get it online. However, in the recent years, more and more producers have figured out just how popular this drug is, and have started producing their own variants of it. Well, two of those ate the Modvigil and the Modalert, and even though they are different, they are pretty much the same.

Different Versions of One Drug

Now, many people have been asking how come there are so many versions of this one drug (with Modvigil and Modalert being among them)? Isn’t there a law prohibiting this? Well, there is, but the fact of the matter is that the patent for Modafinil has expired, and when that happens, pretty much everyone can make their own version of this drug. Many local companies just change the name of the drug to be easily pronounced by the local population, or something similar. That is the reason why there are so many variants of a single drug.

These generic drugs that we can find on the market today are being made by following the recipe found in the original patent. It is like making a cake, and if you make it exactly the same as you have seen in the recipe, you’ve made a generic drug. You publish the recipe, and suddenly, everyone starts making that cake, and some even start calling it their own name. In order to be sure that the new drug is the same as the one in the recipe, the FDA regulates the generic drugs. However, the ingredients have to be the same, but the quantity of each of them does not! Let’s use the cake analogy again, shall we? For example, the recipe states that you need to add 50 grams of peanuts in it; but you don’t really like peanuts, and so you add just 30 grams of it. Or, the peanuts are too expensive for you, and you can only afford 30 grams of the cheapest kind of peanuts there is. Basically, the cakes will be the same, but again, they wont be. That’s what we meant when we said at the beginning that Modvigil and Modalert are the same, but are again different.

Another thing that needs to be different is the packaging. Every company wants to make their own packaging, or at least, to design their own. That is why the packaging for these two drugs are different; both companies wish for their own drug to be more appealing to the customers, and also to be distinguishable from the other.

Why Differentiate Them?

Even though both of these drugs are generic drugs, and are pretty much the same, some people claim that one of them is better than the other. Some people might just be experiencing the placebo effect, but others might just be on to something. You see, not everyone like the same thing, and every organism is different. That is why some people enjoy the drug with slightly less of one ingredient, and complain about the drug that has more of that ingredient in it. That is why some generic drugs contain more of the active ingredient; some people like it when it has more of it; and some people like it when it has less of it, and thus the other drug is created.

Which One is Better?

Answering the question of which one is better is really difficult, because, as we have already said, not everyone is the same, and not everyone likes the same things. Some people will like Modalert more, while others will like Modvigil more. It all depends on the person. However, Modvigil was proven to be the most similar to the original Modafinil, and if that is something you like, than you have your winner. Also, people have been praising Modvigil’s packaging as being one of the best ones on the market, and it this is your main criteria, than you need to look no further than Nixest as we have everything you need all in one place.