Top 10 Extremely Useful Websites You Didn't Know About.

May 15, 2015 · 3 min read

There are so many websites out there that make our lives so much easier. And yet, search engines don’t always give us exactly what we need. Sometimes the best websites for the task at hand are not at the top our search results. But no worries, here are some handy websites that you surly want to know about.

  1. 10 Minute Mail :- Don’t want to get useless newsletters from websites on your email ? This is the website for you. 10 Minute mail creates an email you can use for singing up and it expires after 10 minutes. You can prolong the expiry time as you like. Click here to go to their website.
  2. 9 Favorites :- Do you like reading but are you tired of purchasing costly books? Do you enjoy shopping but not sure which products are worth spending money on? Then you’ll really like this one. 9 Favorites , in their ‘Books’ section will select the best 9 books on the market and make them available on their website for only 14 days for only 99 cents (€ 0.99). You can enjoy the Ad and Sign-up Free website here.
  3. A Good Movie to Watch :- You just got home from a busy day and you just want to enjoy a good movie. But there are so many movies out there to watch. Deciding on one is going to take ages. What should you do? You can click here and you can choose to get either a random good movie suggestion or other options based on Genres, Awards or Popularity.
  4. Lang-8 :- It’s not always easy to find a native speaker when you’re learning a new language. On Lang-8 you can practice any language and get free corrections.
  5. Duolingo :- I personally find language learning difficult. That is, till I found Duolingo. It’s fun, exciting and like a game with this website. And you will actually improve your writing, speaking, listening and reading skills. It also has a gift shop that you can buy other life or improvement credits like any other game. Give this website five minutes per day and in some time you’ll find yourself speaking fluent French…. or the language of your choice. You can find Duolingo here.
  6. GiftDrawMe :- Every year on father’s day, I struggle to find the ‘perfect’ Gift for my dad. I search the web for ‘dad gift ideas’ but nothing really fits or it costs more than my budget. Giftdrawme was the solution I found. They choose and ship your customized gifts for you. While they’re doing that, you can sit back and focus on your next activity. I also sometimes order a surprise gift for myself when I just need that boost to make me smile and feel loved. You can find the website here.
  7. Coursera :- If you are a bit of a nerd like me, then you love learning. Who needs college when you can learn everything you want right here from the comfort of your home? Coursera has courses from top universities all around the world in almost every topic and language. And guess what? Most of it is free. Find coursera here.
  8. Spritz :- Reading super fast is an awesome skill. A skill that can be learned. Spritz trains your eyes and brain to read in the most efficient manner. In time, you’ll master speed reading with comprehension. Can you imagine how many other things you can get done if you finish that novel today?
  9. Iherb :- Iherb provides all natural supplements for skin and health….Nuff said.
  10. Artifact Upraising :- In this tech dominated world, we've forgotten about the real world. Artifact Upraising brings the digital world to life. You can submit your photos from phone or even from Instagram and they will send you the printed book in the most nicely assembled way you can imagine. Click here to check them out.

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Do you know more sites that are awesome but not well known? Let me know in the comments so we can all go try them out. ;)

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